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Woodworking Plans for Workshop Items

Thanks for visiting Below are several woodworking project plans for workshop items that are designed and drawn for your enjoyment. For detailed plans and instructions for building any of these projects, click on the image or plans title for the specific plans page.
Best regards, Bob Reedy, webmaster.
Free Benchtop Router Table Plans
Free Benchtop Router Table Plans (Free Plans)

Free plans to build a great DIY Benchtop Router Table. Features a nice flat work surface, an easily adjustable fence with vacuum port and a miter gauge track so you can use your Table Saw Miter gauge when routing the ends of long, narrow workpieces. The free plans include simple assembly instructions, detailed parts diagrams, and lists of materials tools needed.

Free Garage Workbench Plans
Free Garage Workbench Plans (Free Plans)

Free plans to build a great Mobile Worbench. Being able to easily move your workbench is a handy feature for small shops. You will have nine drawers and enclosed shelves in the middle. A really great feature is the arrangement of build in T-Track on the top that provides a wide variety of ways to clamp workpieces. Click the image above to see more details and the free plans.

Table Saw Sled Plans
Free Table Saw Sled Plans (Free Plans)

Free plans to build a Table Saw Sled. When we need to rip a long workpiece, a table with a rip fence makes it easy and does a great job. The miter gauge helps to make simple angle cuts. But when we need to create special shapes, a table saw sled is the tool to have. You can use the T-Track to clamp the workpieces in exactly the right position and easily cut multiple pieces with precision.

Tapering Jig Plans
Free Tapering Jig Plans (Free Plans)

Build a great Tapering Jig by simply making some clamping devices to use with the Table Saw Sled for which we offer free plans. This jig provides a lock down edge and corner guide that sets the position and angle of one end of the workpiece. A simple straight lock down edge guide ensures the other end of the workpiece is clamped exactly as it needs to be.

Tenoning Jig Plans
Free Tenoning Jig Plans (Free Plans)

Build a simple DIY Tenoning Jig. As we get more serious about woodworking, we eventually need a way to cut tenons on the table saw. Here is a simple one that works with our table saw sled. It mounts to the T-Track on the sled and it also uses T-Track and hold down clamps to secure the workpiece in the correct position so your cuts are accurate.

Miter Fence Plans
Free Miter Fence Plans (Free Plans)

Build a Miter Fence for your table saw sled. The miter gauges that come with most table saws tend to be handy for simple tasks. But when we need to make multiple cross cuts with precision, we need to clamp the workpieces in exactly the right position for each cut. You can use an angle gauge to set the fence to the exact angle and clamp the workpiece to the fence.

Drill Press Table Plans
Drill Press Table Plans (Free Plans)

Build a DIY Drill Press Table. If we use a drill press often, we need to buy or build a drill press table! The simple ones that are built into the drill press just do not have the features we need. First, we need a way to clamp the workpieces. We also need an adjustable fence and we need an easily replaceable insert for the area directly under the drill chuck.

Panel Saw Plans
Free Panel Saw Plans (Free Plans)

Build a DIY Panel Saw with our free plans. This is an easy weekend project. It consists of four identical wooden tracks that clamp to a couple of two by fours, (or a workbench top if you choose). The free PDF file provides step by step instructions for building this panel saw from start to finish. Includes parts drawings, materials lists, cutout diagrams and more.

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